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How to get booked on your dream stages without waiting years to build the AUTHORITY
and create a backend system to MONETIZE your talks.

November 4th
3pm CET
9am EST

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The 1 Hour LIVE Masterclass That will change how you see public speaking forever
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[She] provided the thought-provoking questions that enabled me to go from  a speaker who "kind of talked about XYZ" to an inspiring speaker with a powerful, unique message.

CHRISTY RENEE STEHLE | Copywriter & Co-founder of Atlanta Creatives

I made more progress on my signature message and legacy USP in that time that I've managed in many months of sole reflection. Also, the connections with the group were inspiring. I recommend Daria and her programs without hesitation and am excited about the next level of my journey to Thought Leader.

ROSALYN PALMER | Award-Winning Coach for Leaders

How do you get booked on bigger and better stages? How do you leverage your talk? 

In this workshop, you’ll discover the LEGACY framework developed by Thought Leadership Academy that consistently helps experts and rising thought leaders spread their mission and impact through the means of speaking. 

What We'll Cover

  • The Speakers' Assets: What you need to get booked constantly
  • Pro-Active Strategies: stop waiting for opportunities to come your way and get your dream stages
  • Stand Out: craft a talk that builds your authority and brand
  • Leverage: Get clients, partners and opportunities from your speaking gigs
Daria Vodopianova
Daria is the co-founder of The Thought Leadership Academy, host of the podcast “The Thought Leadership Podcast”, 2*TEDx-speaker, best-selling author, and passionate entrepreneur running a leadership coaching company since 2011.

With her partner Sébastien Roger de Nunez, they support visionary leaders and established experts to embody their next level of thought leadership. 

The focus lays on 3 pillars; the business of speaking, premium offers, and emotional intelligence. 

She was invited to speak about her groundbreaking work in events such as RE/MAX Europe International Convention, WU Executive Academy (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Women in Tech Global Summit, TEDx and European Innovation Academy.

"The Roadmap to Scaling your Business and Impact Through Speaking"
Available for a Limited Time Only
"I made more progress on my signature message and legacy USP in that time than I've managed in many months of sole reflection."
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